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Youghal Community First Responders – Classic Wheels Ireland Event 2016 Charity

Classic Wheels Ireland Event 2016 chosen charity is Youghal Community First Responders.

Youghal Community First Responders are a group of 25 or more local people who got together and respond to certain Emergency’s in the absence or to back up the National Ambulance Service. They are activated through the 999 call system and get activated through a text alert system.

Youghal Cardiac First Responders calls cover are Stroke, Chest Pain, Choking and Cardiac Arrest (sudden Death). Youghal Cardiac First Responders depend solely on contributions, last year alone they spent in and around €10,000 on defibrillators, training, equipment and uniforms etc.

Youghal Community First Responders Group

The Youghal Community First Responders are only tasked via the HSE National Ambulance. An ‘on-call’ system is in operation whereby if there is a cardiac emergency in the town of Youghal the responders will be sent as well as a HSE ambulance crew. Voluntary CFRs (Community First Responders) can provide basic life support until such time that the HSE ambulance arrives.



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